January 13, 2006

Code Composer Studio™ Simplifies Multi-Platform Development and Reduces Debug Frustration

Posted in Electronics, Industrial-Appz at 6:08 pm by Jeffrey Guo

Development tools continue to grow in importance when choosing a processor
platform. And, because of this, TI is committed to providing our customers
the most robust, dependable development tools available. The new Code
Composer Studio Platinum Edition is TI’s latest development tool
and integrates everything programmers need for application development
from start to finish. More…
CCStudio v3.1德州仪器智能化集成开发环境适于多场所、多处理器项目的DSP应用开发Code Composer
Studio新版本使DSP应用开发更快速、更容易、更可靠:Code Composer Studio v3.1 Platinum (For
All Ti DSP支持所有版本)最新版2005.6月中旬发行。功能相当强大。经过广大用户使用,Code Composer Studio
I Code Composer Studio (CCStudio)是TI
eXpressDSP还包含了DSP/BIOS可伸缩内核,TMS320TMDSP标准算法的应用互操作性和可重复使用性以及400多家第三方厂商支持。大部分厂商提供eXpressDSP兼容算法、即插式应用以及种类繁多的硬件配件和咨询服务. More… from VeryCD


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    where can i download the torrent

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