January 11, 2006

MSC.Fatigue.2005.R2 疲劳分析软件

Posted in Industrial-Appz at 6:16 pm by Jeffrey Guo

Mechanical systems that fail while in operation cause serious problems
for all parties involved. Manufacturers are faced with high warranty
costs and liabilities, but more importantly, the safety of persons
operating faulty cars, trucks, aircraft, or machinery may be at risk.
To reduce the risk that their products will fatigue prematurely or
unexpectedly, manufacturers may: More…

MSC Fatigue 2005 R2 FOR MSC Patran 2005
纹增长分析、焊接寿命分析、整体及局部寿命分析、疲劳优化等,在全球航空航天、汽车、铁道和船舶行业受到广泛认可。MSC Fatigue 2005
R2 FOR MSC Patran专门针对MSC



  1. karthick said,

    i ned to download it

  2. Akshay said,

    Need msc-fatigue or Fe-safe software

  3. ihgun said,


    i want to download this MSC.Fatigue.2005.R2 疲劳分析软件 standalone .

    urgent. Pls………kindly email me the download link


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