January 7, 2006

Virtual Hard Drive–Run computer programs up to 340 times faster in RAM

Posted in Utilities at 9:02 pm by Jeffrey Guo

Virtual Hard Drive
Virtual Hard Drive takes a portion of your system memory (RAM) and uses it like a hard disk drive, dramatically increasing read and write times. Applications perform up to 340 time faster, making Virtual Hard Drive the software of choice for anyone looking to reduce the load and response time of calculation-intensive applications. Applications that show the most performance improvement with Virtual Hard Drive include:

    • Games
    • Internet Explorer (cache for faster web surfing)
    • Audio and video editing programs
    • 2D graphics applications like Photoshop and Illustrator
    • CAD and 3D programs
    • Software compilers
    • Databases
    • Custom applications with high I/O, high bandwidth, or high security requirements
    • SETI processing
    • TEMP files
    • Swap space
    • Web server cache

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