January 5, 2006

I-Logix Rhapsody–Model Driven Development

Posted in Electronics, Industrial-Appz at 1:38 pm by Jeffrey Guo

I-Logix is the worldwide leading provider of Collaborative Model-Driven Development (MDD) solutions for systems design through software development focused on real-time UML embedded applications.The newest release of Rhapsody 6.1(Chinese by 9iv.com), offers a rich feature set to users with key enabling technologies that empower designers and developers to use SysML, DoDAF, CORBA and in a natural, easy-to-use tool environment. Loaded with enhancements and new features to make a seamless and efficient environment for systems, software and testability, the new tool family represents a “best of breed” solution to users.
I-Logix Rhapsody在业界享有盛誉。美国国家航空暨太空总署(NASA)的火星探路者航天器就是运用Rhapsody在VxWorks上开发应用程序。根据第三方的报告,Rhapsody正在迅速成为国防/航空航天领域首选的MDD(模型驱动开发,Model Driven Development)开发环境,在一系列项目中被作为主要开发工具来使用,如Joint Strike Fighter (JSF),Future Combat Systems (FCS) and F-22等,同时在通讯、医疗、汽车和消费电子等领域赢得快速持续的增长。More… by VeryCD

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