December 25, 2005

Replacing the RSS Feeds on, Tell me How?

Posted in Ivyblog at 10:52 am by Jeffrey Guo

Appz-Sniper by Ivyblog
and Subscribe the RSS feeds as follows:



  1. ivyblog said,

    WordPress FeedBurner Plugin:
    Step 1: Creating a random, unique url from which FeedBurner will grab your data. The URL is randomly generated, and is given to you to enter into FeedBurner. Permalinks (.htaccess file) is edited to redirect this new URI to display your WordPress feed.
    Step 2: After creating/updating your FeedBurner account, fill in the url of your FeedBurner URI (e.g.
    Step 3: Redirect your feed traffic (all except the feed created for FeedBurner) to the new FeedBurner URI. Again, the .htaccess file is recreated pointing your standard feed traffic to the new FeedBurner URI.

  2. cassey said,


    love what u have to say

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